Caring for the Puppies

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Set up a whelping box.

This is a space where the mother can convalesce while she is recovering from delivery and take care of her puppies. The box needs to be big enough for the mother and all the puppies to lay down comfortably with tall enough walls to keep the puppies inside – about 32 in (81 cm) wide by 16 in (41 cm) deep by 12 in (30 cm) high.

  • You should make sure there is a heat source nearby like a heating lamp to help keep the puppies warm during the first week or so.

Make sure the puppies are eating enough.

Newborn puppies need to eat about once every two hours. Observe the new puppies to make sure they are making their way to their mother’s nipples for feeding times. If they can’t find it, try to squeeze the nipple and lead the puppy to the drop of milk to encourage it to eat.

  • If the puppies are not suckling, or seem to be constantly hungry (yelping and crying all the time), you may need to supplement with bottle feeding a high quality newborn puppy formula like Lactol

Monitor the puppies to make sure they are urinating and defecating.

French Bulldogs are not born knowing how to pee and poop. They learn these skills by being licked by their mothers. This motion encourages the puppies to use the bathroom.

  • If the mother doesn’t seem to be licking the puppies, you may have to do it. Dab a cotton ball in warm water and gently rub it across the puppy’s genitals to stimulate their excrement.

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