Vegetables French Bulldogs Can Eat

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Your dog is safe with carrots, preferably cut up into smaller sticks or pieces that they can easily chew on. 


Especially if it’s peeled and given in chewable portions, cucumber is fine for dogs. 


You should never feed a French Bulldog raw potato as it contains solanine which can be toxic to some dogs. ... However, healthy Frenchies can eat small amounts of cooked and boiled potato with no additional ingredients added.


French Bulldogs can eat broccoli, in a cooked form. As with other vegetables a French Bulldog can eat, broccoli should be served with no seasoning or butter added. This vegetable is high in vitamin C and fiber, plus very low in fat, making it a health snack alternative

Brussels sprouts:

Most French bulldogs love the crunchy texture of  Brussels sprouts. These veggies contain lots of healthy vitamins and minerals for your pup, along with fiber to keep them regular as well, according to PetMD.


French Bulldogs can eat peas as they are a good source of vitamins. ... Frozen peas, snow peas, sugar snap peas, garden, and English peas are fine, but avoid canned peas. The reason you should avoid feeding canned peas to your Frenchie is due to the added salts that the peas will often be soaked in.

If you feed raw veggies to your dog and he experiences tummy upset, you may end up dealing with some unpleasant French bulldog farts.


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