Birthing the Puppies

Updated: Nov 28, 2021

Take your female dog to the vet for prenatal care before the birth.

The vet will be able to do an ultrasound or radiograph to see how many puppies your dog is going to have. They'll also be able to check for any possible issues with the pregnancy and give you advice for birthing the puppies.

Watch for signs of labor.

When your female is ready to begin labor, it should be quite obvious by her behavior. Some common signs of labor include: restlessness, shivering, panting, loss of appetite, whining, and vomiting. Your dog may also retreat to a secluded area in preparation for delivery.

  • Once you start seeing these symptoms, the puppies will generally start arriving in 12-24 hours after the symptoms of labor start.

Interfere in the birthing process only when necessary.

Each puppy should come within 10-30 minutes of one another and the dam will usually bite off the umbilical cord, tear open the placental sac around each puppy, and begin licking the puppy vigorously to stimulate breathing and circulation. If your female is performing all of these activities on her own, leave her to it so she can bond with her puppies.

  • If the dam doesn’t seem to know what to do, then you will need to take action. First, gently tear open the placental sac so the puppy can breathe. Then, cut the umbilical cord and tie it off using thread. Clear away any fluid or mucus away from the puppy's mouth and nose. Then rub the puppy vigorously to help stimulate breathing and circulation.

Be prepared for a necessary cesarean.

French Bulldogs have small pelvises and large heads, so they usually cannot give birth naturally. Be aware of this fact and monitor your Frenchie for symptoms of a necessary C-section when she starts the labor process.

  • If the bitch is in labor for more than an hour, you should immediately take her to the vet for an emergency C-section.

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